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About Alonissos Properties

Alonissos Properties is the partnership of Kostas and Karen Kaloyiannis. We are the longest established property agents on Alonissos with over twenty five years experience in the real estate business.

We live on Alonissos and love its unspoilt beauty. We want to avoid indiscriminate and unsympathetic development and to help preserve Alonissos' unique charms and heritage. It is our home and we hope that one day it will also be your home, either in a second home context or as a permanent resident.

We are very much part of Alonissos' community. Kostas was born on Alonissos and has lived there for the majority of his life. He is actively involved in island politics and policies. Naturally he is fully conversant with all current building procedures and legislation. Karen was born in the UK and has lived on Alonissos for many years.

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Alonissos Properties grew out of a small specialist holiday company which dedicated itself to the islands and in particular Alonissos. The holidays were designed to give people a taste of the real Alonissos. Many of our holidaymakers came back year after year

More and more people wanted to have a permanent base on the island. We started offering a land and house buying service. We also started project managing the design and building or renovating of villas and houses. A partnership to give people the property of their dreams without the stress of dealing with unfamiliar regulations and practices from another country. Today we deal only with house and villa sales but we have a close relationship with another company on the island who can offer land purchasing and building services.

We aim to remove properties which are sold as quickly as possible from the website to give an up to date view of properties rather than historical.