We have one bank in Alonissos – the National Bank of Greece. There is an ATM attached to this bank. It is easy to open a bank account here and needs only the production of a passport and a small deposit. The current account pays a small interest and it is possible to have debit and credit cards attached to the account.

Bills and taxes

Water and electricity is on meter. Both are much cheaper than the UK. Electricity and telephone bills can be paid by direct debit. Water rates must be paid at the local Council offices at present.


We have two dentists. Both are very good and are recommended.


We have a cardiologist who visits each week.


The doctor shares a surgery with the cardiologist and one of the dentists and holds a surgery twice a week.


There are three doctors on the island. If you are an EEC national, health care is free. Medicines have to be paid for. In an emergency, a hydrofoil or helicopter would take you to the mainland to hospital. We also have a First Response team.


Alonissos has a primary and a secondary school. Both accept non-Greek national children. We also have a kindergarten for pre school children. In the season there is a crèche where children can be left if their parents are working.


You can register to vote if you wish. Voting is every four years.

Water and sewerage

The water is safe to drink. It is better to drink bottled water during the height of the season when there is always a water shortage and the water has probably been stored. All houses in Alonissos have water storage units, usually under the house.

Every property on Alonissos has its own septic tank which biodegrades waste and should not need emptying ever. This keeps the seas around the island crystal clear.


Our post office is open five days a week. Post is delivered in the Patitiri / Votsi area only. Most people do not have an address as we know it in England. Mail is left in the Poste Restante or it is possible to rent a numbered box in which your mail is deposited and you can have a key.

Chandlers/Boat Yards

We have a boat yard and they will store and maintain your boat. Yachts can be dry berthed further up the island but it does not have the same security as the official boat yard. Chandlers supplies can be purchased here and also in Patitiri.

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