The Seasons

Spring is an ideal time to explore Alonissos. The weather is perfect for exploring the walking trails. The light is perfect for painters too.

March is carnival time and there's plenty of gardening, socialising and painting to get everything ready for Easter. In April and May the hillsides are alive with glorious Spring colour. May and June are deliciously warm – warm enough to swim in the sea. The nights are balmy and perfect for sitting outside enjoying a late night ouzo.

July is still fairly quiet but getting quite hot. The beaches are uncrowded and all the beach tavernas are open. August is the main month for tourists, but Alonissos never gets too crowded or unpleasant.

September is the season for tuna and swordfish fishing. Towards the end of the month the weather starts to get cooler, but even in October it's usually possible to swim every day.

November and December are cooler still but warm and sunny days are fairly frequent. More importantly we don't seem to have the long grey drizzly days which we have in England. If the weather decides to rain then it really rains but afterwards the sun comes out!

January and February are usually the worst months. But even that only means jeans and sweatshirts during the day. The evenings can be cold however, and you will need heating in the house. It should be mentioned that we can have snow, certainly on the higher ground. It is possible to for a long weekend over to the mainland and go into the mountains behind Volos, the Pelion area, for a ski weekend. Just a half hours drive from Volos but very high up it can be a different world.

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